Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hawaii meets The Portofino!

Admittedly long overdue, but remarkable nonetheless was a wedding we produced for the delightful Lauren Rauth and Matt Watai.
My meetings with Lauren were always so full of life as I suspect I have never had a more excited bride to be...
Equally as exuberant was her family! What was the cause for this excitement really all about?
  1. Their baby girl was getting married? Check!

  2. They adored and, best yet, respected son in law to-be, Matt? Check!

  3. They fell in love with their venue? Check!

  4. They just wanted a really, really great par-tay? OH YEAH!!!

We had so much fun working with the entire family which brought on the #1 job hazard I face from time to time...

It was truly bitter-sweet to see it end. Or shall I say "begin...??"

Lauren put so many personal touches into the wedding day that it was both admirable and well, personal. {Right down to the hand-crafted thank you card!}

We here will remember so many fun and memorable moments working with the Rauth-Watai family...

Lauren jumping out of her skin the moment I took her on a site visit to The Portofino, {who knew she had such an affinity for chandeliers?!?} to corralling the horse and carriage to deliver Lauren in what looked like may be an intense thunder storm, {FLAWLESS!} Lauren's brother's touching and beautiful song that he played guitar and sang during the ceremony, the {SURPRISE!} Hawaiian dancers' performance to honor Matt's heritage and right down to Terri, Nancy and I taking bets that Mr. Rauth was down right the best most proud Daddy there ever was!

Setting this gorgeous stage was Tommy Murphy and his incredibly talented team at Greenery Productions along with these story-telling images from Scott Watt . Thank you gentlemen!

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