Monday, January 18, 2010

Nory & Mike pulled out all the stops for this military wedding!

Both captains in the US Army, their priorities were to reverently adhere to traditions of a military wedding. They also fiercely wanted to honor their Puerto Rican and Lithuanian heritage, as they accomplished so appropriately with their vivacious Salsa band, Son Tropical, and Lithuanian dessert table and toast given by Mike's family.

The cigar roller and martini luge kept our guests happy while the excellent team we pulled together for this exceptional wedding did the rest.

Sandra Johnson expertly captured all of the significant moments as well as the subtle details that truly defined the day. Flowers of Winter Park and American Audio Visual took care of the exquisite ambience while Dale Dees took care of our beautiful bride with hair and makeup. Throughout the weekend, Bonnie Garfield and her exceptional Banquets team took care of Nory & Mike's families and guests.

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to pull together a dedicated and qualified team weekend in and weekend out, however, I remain wholeheartedly indebted and in admiration of Nory and Mike who fearlessly and selflessly serve our country...


Jackie Beale said...

wow such a beautiful wedding! Nicely decorated and the ambient lights in the ballroom make such a difference!

Gray said...