Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words..." Wedding Moments in Time

I've recently been flooded by fond memories of working, planning and playing with Kate Gissy-Saft recently...

It's been coming in fun waves from remembering the first time I met her and Jared in her office, to fun floral meetings, an NYC dress-sopping trip with all the ladies in her family and, of course, our "Friday" chats.

I couldn't just pick one photo this time...I absolutely adored the female dynamic in this family: there is such an incredible bond between her and her sister, Greta and between her mother Brenda with her own mother and her sisters. {Yes, we were all in NYC shopping!} Now, Kate also has the delightful addition of Jared's sister Marisa and mother Ellen to this incredible female roster.I love the image that has Kate. Brenda and Greta primping just before we made our way to the ceremony...

The second image I love because Kate's father delivered a speech that was perfectly balanced with sentiment and humor...This was Kate's reaction applauding as she leaped to her feet in gratitude.

*Thank you to Damon Tucci for these images!*

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Kate Saft said...

Thanks for posting these photos, Lisa!! They really bring back so many wonderful memories :)