Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Chic 2011- The Front Door Project

I am thoroughly fascinated by home front door decor. I absolutely adore strolling through neighborhoods carefully gazing at the elements that people choose to enhance that space.

Just like an invitation does for a wedding or event, front doors set the tone for what one can expect is inside that front door.

There are so many chic and whimsical ways to decorate for Halloween, front door and stoop included that I was eager to research and share.

From country homes to brownstones, Halloween {and any holiday, really!} is an excellent excuse to put on your creative hat and re-work that space.

Jump on our E Events Facebook fan page and share some of your Halloween spooky, chic or silly front door decor! I am so fascinated by different points of view and others' "personal stamp!"

Oh, and forgive me will you? Just one eensy-teensy mention of shoes. It is me, after all!

Don't forget to step out in these Alexander McQueen Snakeskin Skull Pumps as you celebrate in style!


*Front Door Decor Inspiration via Pinterest*

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