Thursday, April 10, 2014

Supper Club Inspiration at The Waldorf Astoria, Orlando

This event was such an incredible joy to plan for me!
*Invitations, and Event Stationery by The 2u Collection* Working with my client,{the husband} this was a surprise celebration in honor of his 40th wedding anniversary, and truly no detail was spared! We even mailed a fake wedding invitation to his wife to get her to the Waldorf Astoria! {Tricksters we were!}
My inspiration was a supper club energy, much like you would have seen in the 1970's when they were married, and I became enamored with this look! I requested some original photos from their wedding to further inspire me, and had these wonderful replications of their wedding cake and her bridal bouquet displayed.
Adding to the nostalgia of the era, we also secretly commissioned none other than Tony Orlando himself to perform! {Now you KNOW I requested "Tie A Yellow Ribbon," right?!} Mr. Orlando was so incredibly gracious an utmost gentleman and charismatic performer. Yes, the crowd went wild!
I partnered with Raining Roses Productions with the floral and stage design, and everything from the stage set to the mirrored-top banquette tables were custom designed just for this inspiring and loving couple.
Ricky Sylvia with The Buzzcatz got the crowd in the perfect, celebratory mood and introduced Tony Orlando!
I even snuck in a dance at the end of the evening with the Mister!
*Images Courtesy of Sarah Bray Photography* Cheers! xx, LS

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