Thursday, January 11, 2007

The (Winning) CVP Experience!

Wow! We feel like we have won right along side Brett Culp, the innovative founder and videographer with Creative Video Productions. I was so thrilled to learn recently of their overwhelming accomplishments at The WEVA awards...
It was such a pleasure to partner with Brett and Monica this past April for Lina and Victor Guzman's dream wedding at The Ritz Carlton Grande Lakes.
CVP entered this cinematic wedding documentary in a "Wedding Pre-Ceremony Production" entry with WEVA. It is no surprise that they were finalists with that clip along with other CVP clips in various categories.
If you look closely enough at the middle picture, you can play your own game of "Where's Brett?" That's him on the right with the camera intensely trying to get that winning shot! :) Of course, non other than JR Sterling got the other amazing (still) shots.
I take pride in working with such excellent wedding professionals who always stretch to make themselves and their work better every time.
Stay tuned for what is certain to be another award winning video from CVP for a wedding we are working on together in April...

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