Thursday, February 8, 2007

Thinking Outside the Box

Most of my clients come to me wanting a wedding that is entirely different than any other they have attended before. Naturally, their desire is to host a beautiful party where style and personality prevail.
I often challenge my clients to think outside of that proverbial "box." Many beautiful and grand locales limit our soirees to a square room where vision and style are threatened to be compromised.
Take into account your personal flair and sensibilities. In the end, your design will prevail telling the perfect story; leaving your guests grateful they were invited to participate.
For this wedding, we were in a traditional and classic venue in Downtown Orlando. This hip, savvy couple felt the decor could not suit their personal taste.
On many of our meetings I dared them to build on a classic... They agreed to let lighting and strong color prevail, leaving a classic color like cream as the accent and not the other way around. The copper color you see in these wonderful images was our color inspiration. From there we worked the separate elements such as lighting, draping, monogramming and a limited amount of floral displays to transform this "box" into a vogue nightclub.


Krystal said...

What a beautiful arrangement! The copper creates such a warm rich feel. Very nice!

definition by Nancy Klein said...

and as we all know...the client absolutely swooned when she saw the room. Another fantastic success.