Monday, January 29, 2007

Central Florida Bride: Weddings Unveiled

Central Florida Bride just featured the wedding of Heather and David Brunson as one of their "Weddings Unveiled."
I cannot express how delighted I was to hear that their wedding would be highlighted. Working with Heather and David was one of those experiences you take with you for a lifetime.
The beauty of being in my particular shoes is that I can place myself in some one's family dynamic for certain periods of time. This was particularly meaningful when I was working with Heather and David.
Heather has such an innate sense of family unity that would often drive me to really think about my own. Every decision she made with her wedding planning was with her and David's family in mind.
For anyone that knows me well enough, knows what I hold most dear and as the highest priority in my life; Marc, Sara and Carolina.
Heather and David, however, truly highlighted that for me. I would leave our meetings inspired, and I certainly left that wedding enlightened.
This couple went to great lengths to plan a wedding here in Orlando while they lived, worked and studied in North Carolina. I cannot wait until our paths somehow cross again!
Heather and David remind us all of one great lesson in life: "There's No Place Like Home."

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