Wednesday, March 7, 2007

You Gotta' Have Friends...

Richard Stretiler threw his partner Brian a surprise birthday party this past Friday evening at The Citrus Club.
I was feeling a little paranoid about the whole "surprise" element, and in my infinite wisdom decided to ignore Brian all together over the course of several weeks. For many of you that know, I work very closely with these gentlemen, and Brian most in particular. Little did I know, my amazing contemporaries Susie Weiss, Tracy Marini and the illustrious Nancy were all doing the same. Oh the insecurity!!!! Brian truly believed he had done something to upset us all...
Well, I haven't had such a wonderful time at a party in a really long time. Everyone was so relaxed, in great "spirits" and there to celebrate a man who is so giving of his time and self on a milestone birthday.
My other "wedding planner" friends were there and we had such fantastic evening.
It's also fun when we get to see our friends from The Ritz Carlton, The Portofino and Grand Bohemian out and able to enjoy a fete with the rest of us.
Cheers to a smashing party with the best of intentions: Happy Birthday Brian!!!

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