Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Dale Dees...the salon!

My numero uno pick for hair and makeup, Dale Dees has just opened his brand new salon today!
Dale is a World Champion Hair Designer who has been featured with me and independently on "The Daily Buzz," and I Village Live!"
Naturally, the next step for Dale was to open his very own salon where his loyal clientele can come for their regular "Dale addictions" and new clients and brides can go for trials and consults.
The above images illustrate Dale at work in the green room at "The Daily Buzz," just a couple of my stylish brides, the only person I would trust to cut off 12 inches of my daughter's hair (!!!) to donate to Locks of Love and special hug with a terrific friend.
Dale has such a fantastic soul and spirit, and is truly worthy of all of his success...I hope you will stop by and visit him; I know ALL of my brides will! :)

Dale Dees
the salon
910 N. Mills Avenue
Orlando, Fl. 32803

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