Friday, May 11, 2007

I Village Live and E events go "Eco-Chic!"

I was so delighted when asked to present a segment on Eco-friendly weddings right on the heels of Earth Day for NBC's "I Village Live" talk show.
I always have a sense of pride when I can highlight ways in which our industry can step up to the plate while creating and driving trends in a socially responsible way.
Understanding the aesthetic I was after, Tommy Murphy with Greenery Productions designed some fabulous organic centerpieces, and Damon Tucci provided the shows' website with a couple of his amazing images.
The goal was to convey a sense of balance within our lives. Going green does not necessarily mean all-or-nothing. Doing your part, whether it be one "green" element that goes into your wedding, or every element can only help the planet...and your soul!
I am so grateful for this particular experience: the opportunity, the research...the enlightenment-
Going "Green" is very chic indeed...

You can view this segment **here**