Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Indian Fusion: Joy and Sateesh

To be asked to participate professionally in some one's wedding is always an honor, however, to be embraced into a couple's family and culture is quite humbling.
My privilege began when Joy Kanwar-Nori reached out months ago where we had a delightful conversation about her April multi-day wedding. Like school girls we gushed over the details, sighed over how she and Sateesh met (A fund raiser! If you can't meet Mr. or Miss "Right" at a fund raiser, where can you?!?)and talked seriously about how we could carefully honor their Indian culture(s).
Their story was wonderful to tell, and we dove right in. Joy's family was from the North, Sateesh's from the South and the couple took great care to honor both families and cultures with ceremonies, traditions and toasts.
As a young, urban couple living in New York City, they did want a weekend full of color, music and authentic food to compliment all of the traditions that were already in place.
Mission accomplished! With a fabulous team consisting of Jesus with Raining Roses, John Unrue, CVP, Dale Dees, The Ritz Carlton, Occasions by Shangrila, BBJ Linen and American Audio Visual, I have to say this one was hit out of the park-
Some ceremonies and parties began on Wednesday at Joy's parent's home where I was able to participate and meet more members of the family. Friday started out at 7:00am with a ceremony out at The Gazebo at The Ritz Carlton. The transformation was incredible. Our vision of a temple came true to life where an ornate facade was built by Raining Roses and placed on the existing gazebo structure. Later in the evening the same facade was used at the Sangeet where we had the temple facade complimented by a red stage to suit the "Bali-Wood" style created. Also on hand that evening was a movie marquis which read: "Sangeet Ki Ek Raat" which loosely translates to "An Enchanted Evening," a red carpet and a popcorn machine popping gourmet popcorn. The performances were spectacular and Joy and Sateesh looked like Bali-Wood royalty- I even joked with Joy that she looked as if she were wearing the "Coco Chanel" of Sari's!
Our day Saturday was filled with all of the details that accompany any wedding day and we got started very early in the morning to watch 2 ballrooms completely transform. Our ceremony ballroom was quickly and beautifully transformed thanks to the fabulous team at Occasions by Shangrila. They created the most beautiful mandap and welcome area that was so authentic which was paramount to the couple and their families.
The reception ballroom was such a labor of love for all who worked on it, and I believe that was truly reflected with the final look. A 12 foot in diameter floral chandelier, aqua wrapped dance floor complete with Joy and Sateesh's symbol, lighting, linens, bold color, food and fireworks made for one wedding we shall never forget.
Joy's grace and glamour were breathtaking and Sateesh's debonair good looks and charm were inspiring; their families warm and embracing. In theory, you can have it all indeed! Tradition and personal style equal "fusion."
In this lovely case: "Indian Fusion."


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