Friday, June 8, 2007

The American Dream

Are you living the American dream? Often times, I definitely feel like I am; having a strong, thriving marriage, beautiful, healthy children and being able to have a career that I find so rewarding and challenging.
On May 27, 2007, I was able to experience the marriage of high school sweethearts Nicole Bolt and Mark Ruiz. Nicole and Mark are so authentic and gracious that they are even further enhanced by their loving families!
Nicole and Mark's relationship may have started in high school, but it has also lasted Olympic trials (Diving) for both, 2 Olympics for Mark, college and the rest that their young lives had to offer. Through it all, they lasted and grew stronger.
And now? A happily married couple with one heck of a wedding (and after party!) behind them asked how they can help all of their vendors who helped made their dreams come true??
Lindsey Luxa,Light of Day, DJ Carl, Lee Forrest Designs, The Ritz Carlton and I ALL agree that they helped US...
Because of Nicole and Mark, I have been reminded of my personal American dream!

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Garrett Nudd Photography said...

This is beautiful! Glad you got to work with Eric and Jen. They are two of our favorite photographers in the world.