Thursday, July 12, 2007

Ahhh...The Breakers

Cinco de Mayo was celebrated by us and The Roberts/White family down in West Palm Beach. You don't need to be from Florida to know of this gorgeous, historic and incomparable landmark.
Corey Roberts and Sean White were afforded the most picturesque locale complimented by perfect weather and ambiance. Shameful as it may sound, driving up to the valet and heading into "work" didn't seem like work at all!

Mother of the bride, Christine Roberts enlisted our help throughout the engagement. Folks, I want to hire Christine!!! She has the most exquisite taste, style and poise that Corey trusted most decisions to her. (Smart girl!) Did you see those fabulous bags that she had embroidered for each bridesmaid?!? It didn't stop there, as we all joked that Christine is the "monogram queen!" Terri and I were even gifted gorgeous Lilly Pulitzer (monogrammed, of curse!) makeup bags...

When Corey stepped out of her luxury suite to head out for the ceremony and reception which were both held at The Breaker's West, people just stopped in their tracks to look at her and her lovely ladies. (Even with Sharon Stone staying just down the hall!!!) She truly was a vision in her Rivini gown and the ladies in Vera Wang. (Those had to be my favorite bridesmaid dresses of the year!)

Fearing that pictures could never do the Breakers justice, I stand corrected. Tom Munoz took the most amazing shots on the grounds,and the gorgeous floral decor created by the genuine and talented Debbie Brass with Nature's Bouquet. Working with these two professionals for the first time could not have gone any smoother, and I look forward to seeing them again for my South Florida weddings.

Good times to be had of course, (it was Cinco de Mayo after all!!) I recruited none other than Jeffrey Stoner to be on hand for the video documentary and DJ Carl to kick the party into high gear.

What a great time professionally and personally!
Ahhh...The Breakers!

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