Monday, September 10, 2007

The Circle of (Wedding) Life!

Worth it?
Ohhhhh yeah!!!
As some of you may know through previous blog entries,an event I produced this past April, 2007 in conjunction with my esteemed colleagues and now, dare I say friends, at The Ritz Carlton (that is indeed you: Kristy, Tami, Jennifer, Sarah and Adam!!)proved to be an overwhelming success and personal accomplishment.
What brings me to remember this phenomenal evening was a wedding we did this past weekend at The Ritz Carlton for a guest that was at the show. (Stay tuned...)
Megan Moriarty and Michael Ferrara were married this past Saturday in what came to be the perfect combination of intimacy and show production. (In fact, what makes the world go round for me!) Images are forthcoming, but I was tickled when Megan initially approached me for assistance once inspired by the "Down the Aisle" event, and wanted the team along for the ride.
Mission accomplished!
To make the weekend only that much more profound; in the same evening was a fund raiser (Bridges of Light) being held by Stacey Karatzas, President of Bay Hill Jewelers, (where she got engaged!!!!) a reunion with parents of the bride, (Nicole Bolt, May 27, 2007) my shoe-diva and sponsor from Jimmy Choo and my guardian angels for the DTA show Dale Dees, Jeffrey Stoner, Carl Williams and John Unrue.
Every couple is dear to me; and when a wedding weekend turns into the circle of (wedding) life...WOW! I sit back, take a deep breath, thank my LUCKY stars and press on...
Please enjoy these images for what I believe to be the catalyst of a weekend full of individual, intimate stores that will eventually define someone's "Happily ever after..."
Yes...including mine. :)

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