Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Wedding of Corey and Sean


This post will require the following:
1) A box of tissues
2) A nice glass of wine
3) A snuggle partner

As you may recall from a previous post, ("Ahhhh, The Breaker's!") the wedding of Corey and Sean White was one filled with their beloved family members and closest friends. Corey and Sean make an extremely handsome couple, and as you have seen the images were spectacular. Nothing, however, puts the icing on the cake quite like a finely made documentary. I may have boasted before, but you will have to forgive my redundancy...

This montage by Jeffrey Stoner can make a mere stranger convinced as if they were actually a part of this entire wedding experience, and the "video cynic" to rethink their position! I can only imagine what a treasured memoir this will serve for the newlyweds and their families...

I am so thankful to have Jeffrey and my regular "teammates" by my side from time to time as we work to continually offer our best selves to our clients.

As I pour my wonderful glass of Sangiovese, I'll search the house for Marc AND for those tissues with the lotion in it!

****CLICK HERE**** for a small glimpse for one happy little Wedding Day...

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Garrett Nudd Photography said...

Very nice, Lisa. Exquisite as always.