Saturday, October 27, 2007

Perfection at The Portofino

Creating an environment worthy of the "party" that Laura and Joe Cavallero wanted was an assignment I took very seriously (and happily!).
Laura and I met in my office months before her wedding and hit it off immediately. She was a "transplant" from Maryland and very unfamiliar to Orlando. You know the "mommy" in me just wanted to take care of her! :)
We hit the ground running, and she was certainly up for the task...
Laura came to me from the fabulous Lindsey Luxa so I knew she was all set with paper. Although she had a dress, I felt she should check out the dresses and have a little fun with my gals over at Solutions. Smart move: Look at that Rivini gown on her!
We had to progress further with a line-up of top professionals all to include Damon Tucci, Flourish, Bonnie Garfield with The Portofino, Wings of Sound, DJ Carl, Bake Me A Cake and Dale Dees.
As if planning with these 2 often included many laughs, jokes, a little wine and some sushi from time to time wasn't enough of a good time; the actual execution of the day was the perfect ending.
Laura started her day in the plush Presidential Suite with her bridesmaids getting pampered and all glam with Dale. The beautiful flowers were delivered, and the rest of the day was a seamless series of events, despite the rain call to move our ceremony inside. (Bonnie really hooked us up with an amazing Plan"B"!) Dreamy, classical prelude and ceremony music was the anticipated top-notch performance from Shannon Caine and her musicians with Beautiful Music. Shannon even had a fabulous saxophone player for the cocktail hour which truly set the tone for the party that waited behind those ballroom doors...
The food and service was top notch and the compliments were flowing--as was the martinis via the martini ice sculpture luge. Nice!
Looking over these images, seeing how gorgeous and handsome they looked from the inside out and remembering the fun we had through this process has made me so nostalgic to meet up again with Laura and Joe, and we did make that promise to stay in touch. Falling out of touch is NOT an option, right Laura??!? "YOU BETTA' DON'T!!" (Inside joke!)

Party + Posh = PERFECTION! That's my favorite kind of math!

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Garrett Nudd Photography Blog said...

What a beautiful couple and what a beautiful event! Fantastically executed by everyone involved. :-)