Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Rustic Glamour: Erin and Lee Campbell

You have seen the effervescent, whimsical photos from Erin and Lee's engagement session,and now it's time to get the smallest glimpse into their beautiful wedding.

The outdoor setting was remote and rustic, but the elegance and glamour that was shown through with design proved to be a delightful juxtaposition of elements...

The crisp, November air and clear skies made the perfect backdrop for their ceremony which was under a beautifully adorned branch arch created by the talented Tommy Murphy and his fabulous team. Reverend Miller, as always, offered the most touching ceremony that had us all at his and the couples' full attention and hanging on his every word and touches of wisdom.

Abby Liga was able to capture some of the most vivid and romantic images of Erin and Lee. Abby and I joked that when Erin wasn't grinning from ear to ear or giggling, she was kissing Lee and vice-versa!
Have any avid blog readers noticed that handsome groomsman on the left? We've blogged about him as well most recently...

Brides, please take note:

What a perfect way to live out your wedding day!!! In the end, Erin and Lee had EVERYTHING to smile and kiss about. Their closest family and friends were all their in unending support and love for them on that day, and for their future--

And that last picture was a delightful first for us here: Gracious Erin emailed us on her honeymoon (In Italy!!) with her beautiful words of thanks and this lovely picture of the content newlyweds; We love it!

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