Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Good, Clean (Wedding Industry) Fun!

Last night we gathered at a new venue in Lake Mary heralding the launch of the latest issue of Central Florida Bride magazine.
Rarely guests, this was a welcome opportunity for us wedding industry "folk" to just let our hair down...
Deemed the "Black and White Ball," we experienced beautiful decor from Raining Roses and BBJ Linen, delightful culinary fare from Puff n Stuff Catering, fabulous cocktails from Barfly, and a little "Soulja Boy" from Marc Burgess.
Speaking of Soulja Boy--

God Bless the sweet heart of Tracy Marini with Eventfully Yours! I requested (okay, a slight threat) that she join me on the dance floor for a little lesson. Come on, who couldn't use a little "superman" move at a party?!? Tracy was the first one up there eager to get her dance-on!! Excellent work Tracy!
We also got to have fun with many other friends that you see in the images above like Tommy Murphy, Bonnie Garfield, Susan Southerland and more! At one point we had squeezed Tracy, Susan, Michele Butler and myself in one tiny photo booth!

Camaraderie is so key in this industry and these fellow wedding planners and wedding professionals exemplify this exact point. I am grateful to them for their continued encouragement and friendship and to the many other wedding professionals that respect that as well. We're all in this together after all!

Special thanks to Tracy Marini for being the only "prepared planner" with the camera last night!

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