Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday's Chic Style Sheet: February 22, 2008

I knew I had to make this week's entry a good one because I missed last week; shame!
I can chalk that up to an over-extended Brownie camping trip with Carolina and 11 other girls from her troop.

Wonderful Graffiti is an admitted obsession of mine. I first used this for a wedding back in September for the wedding of Megan and Michael. (An Officer, A Gentleman and Quite a Lady!) We used the interior typography with their customized monogram on large windows just outside of the ballroom and on glass blocks/shelving that was used on our aphrodisiac stations just before the ceremony.

An understandable, yet equally frustrating, rule of thumb when entering any hotel venue is the inability to "touch" the walls or ceiling with permanent holes, marks, etc. Wonderful Graffiti is a "wonderful" way to personalize your space in what could easily be an impersonal environment without proper care and design.

From the Wonderful Graffiti website:

"What are Wonderful Graffiti transfers made of?
Wonderful Graffiti is made of very, very thin pieces of vinyl. A light adhesive holds each vinyl piece firmly to most hard, smooth surfaces until you're ready to remove them. Vinyl makes Graffiti flexible, durable and washable. It's extreme thinness and matte finish make Wonderful Graffiti look as though it's been printed on your surface. (And not like vinyl at all.)"

This is so addicting! Browse thoroughly through their website and you will see for yourself. I am ordering something for a huge wall in my family room that I have not had any inspiration for in years...

And wouldn't a lovely quote be a lovely house-warming or anniversary gift?

p.s.: my absolute favorite is: "cocktails anyone?"


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