Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!!

To all of my engaged couples out there, my recently wed couples and to the couples who's happily ever after **may** begin tonight...

I'm do you like to celebrate?

This question was recently posed to me and I had to admit that {gasp!} I wasn't all that into Valentine's Day. Of course the romantic gestures are always appreciated, however, having celebrated my 19th Valentine's Day with my sweetheart Marc, every day is like Valentine's Day. After all, that's one of the perks of finding your soul mate, right?!?

Marc really wanted to get together with friends this evening or do something "fancy," but...(I'd much rather snuggle!)

Feeling guilty, I recruited a friend to help figure out some "low-key" and "non-commercial" way to celebrate together.

I thought he came up with a marvelous idea for he and his sweetie; a motorcycle ride and a picninc! That sounded so nice and sincere to me which brought me searching for some accessories he could take along to hit this one out of the park!

These Steady Stick + Wine Holders from Red Envelope would be perfect! Their description and image make me want to plan a romantic picnic myself-

steady stick table + wine holders

Designed to stick in the ground, these accessories take the spills out of picnicking. Bamboo tabletop screws onto a stake. Heavy-gauge stainless-steel holders include four for glasses and one for a bottle.

five holders: four for wine or champagne glasses and one for the bottle
sticks measure 10"H
made of heavy-gauge, rust-resistant stainless steel
bottle holder accommodates bottles up to 3 3/4" in diameter
includes nylon carrying case for table
the table stake screws right onto the tabletop, then off again for compact storage
table measures 16" x 8" x 13"H

I hope the picnic works out for my dear friends!

And what are Marc and I doing tonight? You'll have to call or email to find out--

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