Saturday, March 1, 2008

Friday's Chic Style Sheet: February 23, 2008

Uninspired and disenchanted by those tried wood dance floors offered at every venue? Consider covering your dance floor...
Inquire with your wedding coordinator or event designer about a vinyl wrapped dance floor.
This concept began with dance company performances (wonder how I knew that??!?) and stage productions. More versatile than ever, the vinyl is currently being offered in a rainbow of colors to suit your design requirements and desires.
Above is a dance floor we had wrapped for dream clients Joy and Sateesh. During our planning process we joked some that I wanted to bring water into (yes, as in real water!!)the ballroom to look like a reflecting pond much like the one leading toward the Taj Majal. As expected, I was met with those funny little looks from the hotel that I usually get when I come up with one of my hair-brained ideas! Hey, we are all good sports, so we came up with plan 'B." An aqua wrapped dance floor!! Our ambient perimeter and accent lighting really helped us along with the overall look. The "cherry on the cake" was also putting the couple's symbol in the center which was recurrent in the overall design.
The other image is what I call "less is more." This couple had a very organic, rustic-yet glamorous aesthetic and a simple black vinyl covering did the trick. Once again, the optimal ambient lighting was my best friend!
I have to thank client Laura Grubl who helped me come up with this week's chic tip! We were in a meeting in the morning discussing decor when she ultimately decided to wrap her dance floor for her upcoming June wedding. You will be thrilled that you did, and thanks for the idea for this week's Chic Style Sheet!

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