Friday, March 7, 2008

Friday's Chic Style Sheet: March 7, 2008

"The Queen of Sole..."

I don't even try to hide my shoe fetish, so when I stumbled along Morgan Miller's boutique in Miami, (My old stomping grounds, no less!) It was love at first kitten-heel!

This is one of those "why didn't I think of that?!?" ideas, but surely none other than Morgan Miller could have perfected this concept. Sure, there are beautiful shoes with beautiful embellishments in a beautiful boutique. However, being in this business has taught me the importance of personal service and that is exactly what is offered here. As The Miami Herald writes:
"The boutique resembles a candy store for grown-ups. Big candy jars hold rhinestones and other embellishments. Crystal chandeliers illuminate the sparkling shop. The shoes, which can resemble those by Jimmy Choo, arrive a mere half-hour later—on Tiffany & Co. silver platters."


Better yet, this uber-chic boutique is now hosting bachelorette parties! I'll skip the paper-plate, gift-wrap bridal bouquet and bridal bingo any day for THAT experience!

Road trip anyone???

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