Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday's Chic Style Sheet: March 14, 2008

I adore these boxes/vases...what are these "Blumeboxes" anyway??

I'll let them tell you:

"A blumebox is an opportunity to add color and style to any floral bouquet, whether creating an arrangement from your garden, grabbing a bouquet from your local supermarket, or having your local florist design a bouquet for you. A blumebox is the perfect solution.

A blumebox is more than a vase or delivery box. It’s a gift box for flowers. And the best bit, they’re 100% recyclable so they’re perfect for hospital deliveries, hostess gifts, corporate and social events (big or small) or a self-indulgent arrangement for yourself. Standing 6 and 10 inches tall with radiant color and style, a blumebox is the perfect compliment to any decor."

Wouldn't these be sweet for a dinner party, a hostess gift or your upcoming Easter table?!?

Better yet, I am constantly faced with guests at weddings wanting some of the floral to take home after the reception. We are always so inhibited as the vases or vessels they are in are usually rentals...

I still say have those gorgeous centerpieces on your dining tables, but for a cocktail hour or after-glow reception--these are perfect! They have so many other fabulous inspiration ideas on their website as well.

And for those eco-conscious folks--these are perfect; my daughter Sara is thrilled that these were selected as this week's Chic Style Sheet!

Happy Friday!

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