Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Wedding Planning Secrets-From my Good Friend Susan Southerland

Shhhhh...I adore secrets! Okay perhaps I won't be revealing any wedding planning secrets as poised and emotive as my great friend Susan Southerland but she most certainly has-

I could not be more proud or supportive of the well executed DVD that Susan has recently completed. My knees virtually buckle at the thought of the research, experience, time, energy and heart that must have gone into constructing such a valuable tool and source of inspiration to both brides-to-be and wedding professionals alike!

I know Susan to be a grande dame, a wonderful mother, a fierce multi-tasker and caring friend. My hunch is you may detect many or all of these qualities in her new Wedding Planning DVD as well.
The DVD, sixty minutes in length, is a complete wedding planning guide and offers tips for planning a stress-free wedding on any budget. It is available for $29.95 on Amazon.com. Highlights of the DVD are available on justmarry.com.

I'll step back for a moment and let Susan do the talking:

"All couples want a memorable and worry-free wedding, yet oftentimes the event can be loaded with undue stress and pressure,” says Southerland. “My DVD shows brides how to plan a perfect wedding without all the pressure that can sometimes accompany it. It explores how couples can make their budget work - whatever its size – and unveils the secrets of working with vendors, selecting a wedding cake, scheduling events and activities, selecting a gown, and much more. My tips will show brides how easy it is to save money and time, so they can relax, relax, enjoy, and just marry!”

Congratulations and my very best wishes to a job well done!

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