Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday Chic Style Sheet: April 25, 2008

In keeping with the Earth Week vibe, I thought it especially appropriate to share a recent wedding we here like to call Organic Opulence...

Again, borrowing my it doesn't have to be "all or nothing" philosophy on the use of organic or green materials to reduce your carbon footprint, I feel our clients' desired style was ultimately achieved.

The clients had a very organic sense, their story even began this way as they met on a mission trip in Africa. The design story was told in that very way with the use of natural ferns, burlap, moss, stone, branches over the dance floor and raffia. The linen was even an organic twirl overlay and breathtaking! The decor was beautifully executed by Awny with Unique Option and Flourish Floral Productions.

A natural, sun-drenched wedding ceremony outside on the DaVinci Lawn at the Ritz Carlton transported us all to where we could only imagine was paradise for them.

I have included more fun images from the inspiring Curt Littlecott with Nu Visions in Photography for you to enjoy as well. I also could not forget the enormous talent of Beautiful Music and DJ Carl; thank you!

My message closing out this week and every week: Definitely do your best to go green, but STAY CHIC!

Update: Blogger is having difficulty with uploading photos currently. I'll keep trying and check back soon!

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