Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Luck Comes in Three's: 2nd Announcement!

Remember that face above?!?

That is Brittany Sobering, and not only has she been my personal confidant at Solutions Bridal over the last 3 years, but she was also a bride of ours not too long ago! And we still love and support our great girlfriends at Solutions Bridal today and always!

Brittany's zest for fashion and style, the wedding industry and overall personal integrity have impressed me for some time now. It was just a matter of time before we made matters official..

Waiting for the most opportune moment, (and not even quite certain I achieved even that!) I leaned over to Brittany at some (probably poignant) point during her wedding and said, "You realize we need to talk when you return from your honeymoon; we're ready for you here!"

Mission accomplished!

Not only has Brittany agreed to join forces with my zany group of sassy Ladies, but she is personally assisting me with spearheading my new "baby," Escape...Luxury Destinations.

She has truly jumped in with both feet and ready to go. As I explained to her at our Cinco de Mayo team-meeting (hey, we all celebrate in different ways!) "That's how we roll..."

She's eager, ready, and most importantly, "gets it" with our team vision and values.

Welcome Brittany. You truly need no introduction though I am the one most proud to introduce you-

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