Saturday, June 7, 2008

For Brittany and Jan

I have been completely overwhelmed and have admired the strength and poise that our Brittany has shown over the last few weeks.

Brittany's mother Jan grew increasingly ill over the last few weeks and Brittany has been by her side, so incredibly diligently, the entire time. For much of that time, she was even maintaining her client and office communication until we mutually acknowledged that her focus and priority had to remain with her mother.

When trying to rationalize (to myself mostly) why this would happen to this beautiful family, I recall having a conversation with Brittany expressing my gratitude that her mother was able to attend, celebrate and rejoice Brittany and Sam's February wedding. Jan looked beautiful, healthy and so happy; it's as if she knew...

Below is a post from Brittany about her mom, and I am re-posting it to honor and respect a woman who meant such a great deal in so many lives. And to Brittany, who means to much to mine...

Jan Jakubcin August 15, 1955-June 1, 2008
"My absence over the past few weeks has been largely due to my mom being sick. She passed away Sunday, June 1, and since then my role has been more funeral planner than wedding planner. Those of you who know me personally know that my mom means the world to me and was one of my very best friends. Thanks to everyone who has written and called to support me during this time, and thanks to my friends who supported me this week at the Memorial Service. I know that we truly honored her with our celebration of her life. At times it's hard not to be upset that my mom was only 52 years old. I keep remembering the "glass half-empty or glass half-full" analogy. We can question why someone so young has to leave us, or we can consider that she had 52 years full of life that we can be thankful for. I prefer the latter. My mom did and tried everything she wanted to, with no regrets. She cared so much about other people and was a bright light in the lives of many. She enjoyed our big family and loved with her whole heart. Those are things I can be thankful for. At the end of one era and the beginning of a new one, I'm both saddened that she is gone, and overjoyed that she is surely perfect and whole in the heaven I know she's in. Thank you for your friendship, thank you for your support, and Lord, thank you for my Mom."

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