Friday, June 6, 2008

Friday's Chic Style Sheet: June 6, 2008

Don't worry..."b. happy!" {Bags, that is!}
Outside of the wealth of information I received this past Tuesday at the Engage '08 symposium hosted by Rebbecca Grinnals, one of the many, many items received in our goody bag was--well...

Our Goody Bag!

We had books by Preston Bailey and Simon T. Bailey and lots of other loot placed in these highly styled, uber-chic bags by b. happybags.

Our bags coordinated the styling of the entire symposium and was even tagged with an initial embroidered luggage tag. {Yes! With each individuals first initial: nice touch!}

I think the bags are fabulous in their own right and figured it would be a natural fit to recommend to my clients for hospitality bags for out of town guests or for bridesmaids' gifts.

I was even happier to learn that as they describe it: "necessity is the mother of invention," and they designed these bags are meant to be reused in lieu of the countless paper and plastic bags we discard and never recycle.

In their words:

"Our goal in producing these bags is to appeal to the people that think you have to don your Birkenstocks to make a wise post consumer decision. Not only does it save a tree or a barrel of oil — it makes your shopping trip a hell of a lot easier. And — it’s much more fun to carry home your cantaloupes in a zebra print bag. We sincerely hope that our bags will help to eliminate the destructive overuse of disposable bags."

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zbsports said...

I love those bags...they are good and have good style too...hope the price is affordable...