Friday, June 6, 2008

Sex and the City!

Okay, so I really do TRY not to put too much fluff on this particular blog, so please forgive my adolescent rave about the release of this movie...

I took my E Events team last Friday evening (Yes; Premiere night!) after a wedding rehearsal and joined our industry girlfriends such as Michele Butler, Susan Southerland, Lisa New, Tami Corday and Jennifer Sharpe.

We were (and still are!) such avid viewers and fans of the show, have gabbed about it for years, and here the premiere was before us-

Goodness knows we all had a hectic and over-scheduled Friday, and we here were in the midst of a rather detailed and large wedding weekend for an amazing couple and their families, but there was NO WAY we were going to miss this!

Allow me to point out every cliche in the book that we absolutely did adhere to...

YES, we...

  1. Pre-purchased out tickets WEEKS in advance

  2. Forwarded, giggled and sometimes teared up at the trailers on the SITC website

  3. Were dressed to impress

  4. Had rockin' shoes!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Lastly (and not all together shamefully) indulged and sneaked in some cocktails

Ladies, I had the BEST time not only watching this fabulous movie, but watching it with my friends-

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