Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday's Chic Style Sheet: August 8, 2008

For a contemporary, hip and personal twist, I am a huge fan of the {careful} use of patterns-

Logos, monograms and motifs are pretty and should definitely still be incorporated where appropriate, but patterns can now be used in a myriad of ways.

Consider where you may likely start first-with paper or "announcement." Save the dates or developing your wed-site.

I'd like to suggest that those patterns may be similar, but not identical, to a pattern you may choose for the wedding. These patterns allow you to be a tad more whimsical and representative of your casual, every day style.
For the wedding, utilize these patterns to wrap vases (symmetrical shapes such as a square or cylinder work best) and conquer that "same old, same old" glass vase doldrums. Since the pattern will be bold in it's own right, use of monochromatic flowers with different textures look outstanding.

Use that pattern in fabric to create a back-drop for photographs, stationery, lighting...the sky's the limit for further personalization!

Love the patterns! Love the look!

**Stationery storyboard courtesy of "The Bride's Guide" by Darcy Miller**

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