Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Real Weddings: Christie and Harvey Heller

How do you not only marry a couple that lives in 2 separate states, but truly come from 2 very different styles??

Clearly these lovebirds have enough in common to be madly in love nut, the challenge?? One of them {Christie} hails from Boulder, Colorado and the other {Harvey Heller} hails from Orlando.

As I brainstormed my approach to designing this wedding, I was perpetually challenged by respecting both and "marrying" not only these 2 people, but their lifestyles as well.

Christie and Harvey were such a delight, mainly in part because of their implicit trust and in me. Christie was still living in Boulder and her visits were few and quick.

They were already established with their venue, Maison and Jardin prior to enlisting my help and were set with space, food and beverage. They even got married in Big Sur the weekend before which made my main objective planning a superb party!

While elegant and stately, Maison was hardly rustic {Boulder} or the intrinsic "Orlando vibe."


Recruiting Tommy Murphy with Greenery Productions put our best foot forward and were overjoyed with putting ideas and proposals together to get our couple inspired and eager to see their results. We felt particularly challenged by an "addition" to the venue that revealed the mechanics to a tent frame. The creative ceiling treatment prepared by Tommy's designers was spectacular! Natural wood lattice accompanied by camphor vine and hanging amaranthus and greenery transported us to and enchanted forest.

Striking linen from Wildflower Linen offered such a sophisticated flair-

The design was further complimented with design ideas and furniture groupings from Awny Kashoggi with Unique Option. The entire outdoor space was dedicated to a social hour where guests sipped on 2 signature champagne cocktails and enjoyed music and the ever popular photo booth by Plumb Fun.
As guests were invited inside, they experienced a"woodlands" scent easily created by using a sensory teaser by Scent Events.

Christie and Harvey were so thrilled they invited the entire vendor team to share in the culinary delights prepared by Maison for all of their guests. Fabulous!

...and because "pictures say a 1,000 words," I was fortunate enough to have photographer and fellow girlfriend, Abby Liga on hand for these wonderful shots-

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Krystal Radlinski, at The k Gallery said...

Love the seating areas! Clever and cute.