Saturday, October 4, 2008

Lisa and Mitch:Daytona Beach Shores Wedding

As I peeked out at first morning's light today, I just knew it was going to be a marvelous day for a wedding...
Most especially, for the wedding of Lisa and Mitch!

Lisa and Mitch living in Minneapolis, made us wish they lived here all the more. While many of our couples do not even live in Central Florida, it becomes difficult as we begin to grow these really sort of special relationships with them. Lisa and Mitch are certainly no exception!

Lisa would offer her dates of availability to come to Orlando to "power-plan" and off we would go--having the most fun along the way. I have especially loved getting to also know her sister Cheryl. I have never seen 2 sisters as closely connected, careful and thoughtful with than they are. So endearing!
Then..."Big Mitch" strolls into town for the menu tasting in August...

Well, with what distance is and the description of Mitch that Lisa proposed, {Former University of Kansas football player!} I'll admit I had gone there and "painted a picture..." of what his personality would be like- {i-n-t-i-m-i-d-a-t-i-n-g!}
And, we cannot forget to mention that Lisa was a tennis player for the same University; no wonder they found each other!

Yes, Mitch is of formidable size but, dare I say, it's mostly his heart. He is so gracious, articulate and obviously madly in love with Lisa! And he has a wicked sense of humor; LOVE THAT!!
As I gear up my belongings to go spend the weekend at The Shores Resort with the couple and the family, my mind is racing with all of the gorgeous details we have arriving in just mere hours.

I love infusing culture into my weddings most of all, so this wedding had my imagination in overdrive. I have devoured over every detail combining Lisa's Indian/Filipino heritage along with Mitch's Southern background. {His whole family is in from Texas!}

Culture and contemporary for the couple was my mission and we'll have it from menu to furniture design collections, to floral-

I can't wait to see it all come together and share wedding images as soon as they become available-
For now, enjoy these stunners taken by the matchless, Garrett Nudd who flew all the way to Minneapolis to shoot this amazing e-session. I love how they went back to where Mitch proposed to Lisa and how, in one image, Mitch tenderly just guides her along with his hand...
Okay, here- we- GO!!!

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