Friday, September 12, 2008

Inspired Wedding Tabletop Decor:"Daoyi Icepiration"

One may say I over-think things. Of course, I would disagree, arguing that I think things through thoroughly... :)

This tabletop that "the team" and I created was born from a couple of things I had been wanting to do for some time which were:

  1. Creating a table scape that was actually "inside" the table. A little "off," I know, but I have grown to expect by now that both Awny Kashoggi and Tommy Murphy just "get me!"

  2. Appeal to an Asian aesthetic and culture which I am completely fascinated with.

  3. To not just out ANOTHER ROUND table on the floor. The idea was to "inspire" after all!

With that criteria, our "Daoyi Icepiration" table was born. My research showed that Mazu Daoyi's life took an extended journey, much as I refer to the process of wedding planning.

This table was, I felt, the most challenging. Thank goodness I was surrounded by the additional creativity and enthusiasm of Awny and Tommy. Awny's ability to "space configure," much like an architect, brought this table higher with sleek, black leather stools around. He determined exactly how to produce the"inserted" design. Of course, Tommy took it from there with the amazing zen design with carefully selected floral, trays as chargers and stones.

Taking it even one step further, we recruited phenom, Lindsey Luxa with Dragonfly Custom Design to create our menus on acrylic. Yes, acrylic!

I am also especially thankful to Damon Tucci who got the real polished images you see here and even scaled a ladder to get them.

This table was especially marvelous and gratifying. Though we used this as strictly a "show table," I was grinning from ear to ear when the general manager to The Ritz Carlton told me he wished he could eat at that table...:)

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Lemiga Events said...

This table is amazing! Great job in coming up with such a unique display.