Sunday, December 7, 2008

Real Weddings: Lisa and Mitch at The Shores Resort

Note to all budding wedding planners: This job can be very bitter-sweet! Having Lisa and Mitch enter our E- Events world was so sweet, they were an utter delight! To see them marry off and drift off to "happily ever after..." --admittedly sad, yet proud!
Lisa and Mitch live in Minneapolis, and when she called me about 7 months prior to her wedding with a "Clean Slate" my creative interest was peaked...
Lisa's challenge {did I hear someone say "challenge??!!"} was the ethnicity and authenticity that was paramount in being portrayed.
Lisa is half Filipino, half Indian and Mitch is African-American. Challenge? NO! A goal...YES! Recently, I have been chatting with loved ones about how well I respond to goals set forth before me...
First, we needed to find the ideal venue. With the couple's criteria in place we found that The Shores Resort in Daytona Beach Shores perfectly matched their specific wedding weekend goals and style. Next, a Catholic Church to accommodate Lisa's Filipino heritage. The Basilica of St. Paul could not have offered a more perfect backdrop to tradition and old-world opulence--
Onto our reception design--
Lisa repeatedly explained to me that her favorite part of living in her newly-transferred home of Minneapolis was it's downtown arts district which fostered her and Mitch's contemporary and metropolitan flair.
Note to self: Design a wedding reception that it is worthy of this aesthetic!
Raining Roses, Unique Option, BBJ Linen, Plumb Fun Photo Booth, Simply Cinematic and Garrett Nudd were all on hand to assure these elements were met in the moment and in the end with their treasured tangible memories.
Using a harmonious color palette of burnt orange and mahogany accents,the use of only 2 blooms for floral and the rectangular shaped dining tables to feed our 200+ guest list proved to be successful for this beautiful, yet odd-shaped ballroom. The tables were set on and angle with the dance floor in the middle of this ~L~ shaped ballroom "marrying" {ha!} the two sides of the room along with 4 carefully designed furniture groupings.
The result was a comfortable, sleek and chic room design worthy of this hip and trendy couple-
C'mon! Look at her Yves St. Laurent shoes--
The proof is in the stiletto!


Lisa said...


Everything was phenomenal! Thank you for being so fantastic and fun. And thanks to both you and Jessica for producing the event with Style, Sophistication, and Glamour!! Our guests are still raving.

LOVE was in the air. The weekend was MAGICAL! I love reliving the moments through all the pictures.

I miss the E Events girls.
Wishing you continued success.
Will keep in touch always!

Lisa M.
“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” ;-)
~Bette Midler

Lisa Konecny-E Events Design said...

Could there be another couple more perfect than you and Mitch??? I/we were so honored and proud to be associated with you in even the most minute of ways--
I hope that this is only the beginning of what we may share with each other through the years. We love you and Mitch too so ver much!!!