Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Celebrity DJ, DJ Carl: Guest Blog Contributor

Over the years I have had several tremendous opportunities to work with good friend and colleague Carl Williams of DJ Carl Entertainment
From our very first introduction I knew their was this "compatability." We shared the same passion for our work and for designing and delivering experiences for our clients to remember for a liftime.
Always the trailblazer, Carl has now taken his craft to the next level. Having done the very first "Down the Aisle" show with me in Orlando and then again this past summer in Denver he began creating music mixes. This has been so incredibly well-received {and requested!} that Carl has agreed to share his expertise with my readers for further music inspiration.
His first presented music mix for "In My Shoes" was a request I had for dinner music. Enjoy!


Here are five songs that provide a nice balance of an "old & new music sound" to compliment the variety of ages of people who typically attend a wedding. These are songs that I would play during dinner for a twenty-some couple who have their parents and grandparents in attendance. These songs would appeal to a nice variety of ages.

Love Song by 311

Wonderwall by Paul Anka

You Sang to Me by Marc Anthony

Got to Give It Up by Urban Knights

The Look of Love by Diana Krall

**Handsome headshot provided by Garrett Nudd

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