Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wedding Sneak Peek: Tender Moments...

I simply could not resist posting a few images that were forwarded to me from this past Saturday's wedding, Kim and Nick Manson.
I have known for well over a year that the priority and necessity for this wedding for Kim and her mother, Tricia was to have her father's participation and very presence acknowledged and documented.
Only they know the true determination and struggle it took for him to walk Kim down the aisle to her beloved Nick. The love, support and sheer joy was palpable in the room and no one was left unaffected.
I think the man responsible for these images put it best in his note to me very late that evening...
Thank you, Garrett. This is a moment none of us shall ever soon forget--

"I just finished loading my cards...gotta be up at 6:30 and leave for the airport at 7:15. But I couldn't go to bed without sharing these... the pride and struggle and emotion and determination on both of their faces. WOW! I loved this moment!"

...and a warm congratulations to Mr. Christopher Brackett; you walked your little girl down the aisle--

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Michelle Guzman said...

What a sweet blog post. These father and daughter moments are so special.