Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Great Expectations...Meredith and Justin

Tomorrow, we embark 3 days of execution and celebration after months of designing and planning.

Working with Meredith McGrath and Justin Sand {and mother, Alexis!} has been such a refreshing and inspiring perk to my everyday work lifestyle.

Playfully dubbed as my "anti-bride," Meredith has mostly trusted my interpretation of what she has explained to me her ideal wedding to be. NOT typical, no "fromage" {cheesy!} effortless, intimate at certain points {particularly the ceremony} and entirely fun.

With absolute certainty and resolve, I have the best of the best accompanying me this weekend to pull it all off while pulling out all the stops.

I think these fantastic images by Mark Pennington truly capture the essence of Meredith and Justin, both as a couple and as individuals.

Here. We...GO!!!

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Anonymous said...

I am Justin's aunt and was honored to have attended Meredith and Justin's wedding. It was an experience that words can not express. Magical, intimate, stunning. No detail was left to chance. Beautifully executed.

Kristen in Atlanta