Friday, July 1, 2011

Our NYC Elopement- The Brooch Bouquet

Obtaining these heirlooms, trinkets and bobbles was initially no easy feat! We had told most everyone that we were getting married in April ...!

Not only were we eloping in March, but I had to gather and send these items off to the extraordinarily talented Amanda Heer of Brooch Bouquets and Fantasy Floral in California!

My efforts more than paid off the instant I saw my bouquet for the first time. I was touched with the willingness and generosity for which I received each and every piece, and to see it all come together was a moment I will never soon forget. While we still admire it today, I plan on handing off these special pieces to my daughters during important milestones in their lives as well.

Jeffrey and I joked in New York {as I was stopped every few feet or so it seemed, so people could take pictures of it} that it was a "rock star."

We still believe that it is.

*Image Courtesy of Root Photography*

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Amanda Heer said...

thank you so much for this post
I have been so thrilled to design and ship these works of art all over the world....
they soon will be on 2 wedding shows this summer