Thursday, July 7, 2011

Our NYC Elopement- The Wedding Cake

Admittedly, I didn't even give wedding cake a singular thought. I mean, we eloped, managed to keep this marvelous secret, arranged to get the two best photographers out there with us, asked hundreds of people of they wouldn't mind stepping out of the "IMAGINE" circle for 15 minutes or so, had a dream-like ceremony... "Winning," right?

The 6 of us were strolling the streets of NYC later in the evening, and Jeffrey, Sara, Carolina, Nathan and Jensey's sweet tooth kicked in! Luckily, our hotel in Soho was mere blocks away from Little Italy, so the choice to visit Ferrara Bakery seemed clear. {And necessary!}

I believe it was Jensey who spotted this delightful confection, and she and Nathan absolutely insisted on buying it for us. We couldn't deny such a "sweet" gesture!

Back to the hotel we went for our formal cake cutting our pajamas!

*Image Courtesy of Root Photography*

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