Thursday, July 14, 2011

Our NYC Elopement- Wedding T-Shirts

Some brides get exquisite peignoir sets for their wedding night, but Jeffrey and I decided to get matching T-shirts.

Kicking off the fun adventure of what was to be our elopement, was a trip to NYC 3 weeks before we got married to get our marriage license. {Side note: The Manhattan Clerk of Courts is THE most fun ever!}

While we waited for our number to be called, we cheerfully looked on as couples {of ALL sorts} were actually getting married, browsed through a vending machine that offered bouquets and boutonnieres and a browsed through their super-fun gift shop.

Behold, a t-shirt design with a red heart in the front and the slogan, "i got married on new york city."

La Perla can keep their fussy lace and satin. I totally dig our wedding t-shirts!

*Image courtesy of video still via Jeffrey Stoner*

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