Friday, August 19, 2011

A Darling North Carolina Elopement

A recent "fan" of elopements of late, {ahem!} I had the great fortune to experience the loveliest of weddings two weeks ago.

Inspired by our very own elopement video which was graciously published on the Be Inspired PR blog, bride Rebecca seemingly sprung into "elopement action!"

Though swift in her planning, she did not miss a stylish, detailed beat but, most importantly, this was the MOST heartfelt and emotionally palpable wedding I have witnessed in my years. Admittedly, Jeffrey and I shared many "teary" glances throughout this very sweet, very love-enriched ceremony in gratitude for the choice we made to elope several months ago. {You see, you never know who you may inspire!}

They "announced" their wedding to a group of surprised guests in their home state of Illinois last weekend with this touching video produced by Jeffrey Stoner.

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