Thursday, November 17, 2011

Saying "Thanks" With Sincerity and Style-A Hostess Gift Idea

This year I am beyond excited to be a co-hostess for Thanksgiving dinner in an unfamiliar yet friendly locale. {I'm sure I'll have more on that soon!}

Last year, my good friend and lifestyle blogger, Joy Nudd recruited my "hostess gift" story and I thought I'd share as we have just one week left to get it together!

Note: You can do this affordably and stylishly! Have fun, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Our ”gifts“ as hosts {cooking, cleaning decorating, setting an elegant table} can seem monumental at times. Many of us {read; ME} put an extraordinary amount of pressure on ourselves to personally hand pick each ingredient and cook every last recipe to perfection. I’ve been a hostess for various holidays for as many years as I can remember, so switching gears for this Thanksgiving and being invited as a *gasp* guest has been welcomed challenge.
I still very much wanted to have a personal touch on the holiday, of course, and so I have set my focus on a lovely hostess gift.
This year, I am a guest at my beloved Jeffrey’s mother’s house. She is the most delightful woman and I would consider her to be the same kind of hostess as I am. She is a marvelous chef, she can feng shui a table like it’s nobody’s business and she is driven solely by the comfort of her guests in her home. Because of this, she rarely accepts contributions or assistance.
This year my hostess will receive a “Day After Thanksgiving Survival Kit.” A bottle of wine seems so ordinary, her table will be set beautifully and her menu is set, so …she can enjoy the components to her kit on the weary day after:
Packed in a set of tins from IKEA, she will enjoy:
*Hoagie Rolls {For turkey sandwiches!}
*Gourmet Dry Soup Mix {Just add water!}
*Cranberry Vanilla Hand Soap {Kickin’ off the Holiday season}
*Shea Cashmere Hand Cream {She will likely have scrubbed lots of potatoes and washed some pots and pans!}
*Milk Chocolate Cherries {Jeffrey says these are favorite indulgence}
My idea and gesture is for her to barely lift a finger the next day all the while knowing that I was incredibly grateful to sit at her Thanksgiving table in a most loving and beautiful environment.
Tins: IKEA
Hoagie Rolls: Bakery / Local Supermarket
Soup Mix: Country Gardens Cuisine {Found at TJ Maxx}
Hand Soap: TJ Maxx
Hand Cream: Bath and Body Works True Blue Spa
Milk Chocolate Cherries: Harvest Sweets {Found at TJ Maxx}

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