Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Purple, Cream and Green, Lush, Organic and Rustic ...

I am eagerly anticipating the design elements coming together this Saturday for the wedding of Megan Campbell and Bryan Glass.

Inspired by their favorite trip together to Napa Valley, we communicated this aesthetic in it's simplest and truest sense to our floral designer Lee Forrest.

Lush creamy and purple florals combined with organic elements such as artichokes, grapes, pears in eclectic vessels of stone urns, mercury glass, wine crates and burlap will put gets at comfortable ease AND inspire as they dine family style.

Looking forward to sharing the abundant details soon, but these images from the mere sample should hold you off until then--



Amy said...

Beautiful!! Lee does it again!

Lee Forrest Design LLC said...

Can't wait until this weekend--so excited about Megan and Bryan's wedding! The details are going to be off-the-chain gorgeous!!!!