Wednesday, January 4, 2012

This Week I'm Loving ... Enchanting Weddings

It seems as if my inspiration for wedding design is just growing by leaps and bounds lately.

And, why not? Inspiration is not only everywhere I look in day to day life professionally, but with the various social media sources that are at our fingertips!

This week, I'm loving the use of foliage and greenery in wedding and event design. I'm currently designing a gala for this upcoming March with this very concept in mind.

I have sensed a notable shift in design priorities with my clients of late. Many want to maintain an elegant, sophisticated vibe with more "grounded" elements ...Event design ingenues such as Preston Bailey can always help us dream it to the next level!

Dare I say, Kate and Will may have had something to do with this?

Whatever the case, I'm just loving the lush and flourishing options-

How enchanting! xo

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