Friday, February 24, 2012

Oscar Party- Sophisticated AND Simple!

There are a couple of reasons why The Oscars has been on our family calendar for a while now ...

For me, there are endless hours of red carpet coverage, and for Jeffrey he actually likes the awards! I do too, but we all know I'm about the party ...

We will likely keep it low-key, but I like how the following ideas can carry you through your personal PJ party to an intimate gathering with friends. Either way, do it with style!

Start out with a great invitation like this one from Etsy:

Champagne Cocktails and Oscar menu ideas are plentiful on Epicurious and Cooking Channel!

When the awards begin, it's time to visit your popcorn bar: Love this image taken by {Jodi Killer!}

Be sure to have fun with fashion...and BINGO. Yes, Red Carpet Bingo!

Speaking of fashion...A Little Black Dress {or pajamas!} will do the trick-don't forget your gold accents!


Cheers! let's raise a glass shall we?...?

And, for the record, I'm rooting for these guys!

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