Monday, February 11, 2008

A Breath of Fresh Air: Brittany and Sam Sobering

Saturday was one of those made to order days...

The perfect couple, a perfect day, venue and team; it was all there. As I packed up my things to leave at the end of the evening, I took a deep breath and a few moments to recall all of the details that made it so-

First, the couple--The looks on their faces are genuine. I was so pleased to keep glancing over at them and seeing they were always in the moment. What you see there is what we all got: sheer joy.

Second, the venue-- John Beran and his team at The Ritz Carlton with my favorite captain Walter made sure every need was met for all guests and "preferred partners." :) Such attention to detail with customer service is always what exceeds expectations every time.

Third, the look: The decor was so fresh and stylish, perfectly reflecting the vision we all had in mind for Brittany and Sam. I knew we would hit a homerun when we enlisted Tommy Murphy with Greenery Productions. It's Tommy's job to ensure what we articulate in consultaions comes to life ont he big day, but I want to give a tremendous shout out to his army of designers and delivery crew who always seem to make the set-up and strike seamless.

Fourth, these images!!!! Good gravy Garrett, how do you do it? Shooting and hustling all day with us on Saturday, traveling on Sunday and turning these amazing snapshot moments over to me by Monday??!? I shall create an energy drink just for you...or how about just some yummy Mexican food?! :) You can all see the impeccable quality if these images for yoursleves: enough said there! I think these are the most images I have posted on one blog entry! Garrett and Joy: Thank you from the bottom of my heart; I don't know if it was more fun to work or hang out with you, but both were priceless--

Finally, (and what number am I up to anyway?!?)thanks to Terri for always having my back, Simone from Makeover Station for the absolutely flawless look she gave Brittany, Bake Me a Cake for the gorgeous and sweet cupcakes, Mark LeGrand for what I know will be an amazing video (and always making us all laugh) and of course the Solutions divas for their continued confidence and praise. (It was great seeing you ladies outside of the salon!)

The whole day was truly a breath if fresh air...

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Garrett Nudd Photography Blog said...

Thanks to you and Terri for your part in pulling off such an outstanding event. Your work is always exquisite.

Brittany and Sam are a beautiful couple, inside and out, and it was our pleasure to photograph such a fine event.