Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Brittany and Sam: Beauty and the...Injured???

I am feverishly looking forward to this Saturday's wedding of Brittany and Sam...

Brittany and I have actually known and worked togetehr for several years now as she has been my main go-to gal at (we all know it's my favorite!) Solutions Bridal.

The roles have been reversed for this true beauty and it's her turn to don the (Ramona Keveza) white dress and to be fussed over. (P.S.: I called that she would be wearing a Ramona years ago!!)

I do need to brag a bit about Brittany for a moment, however! She is indeed a true beauty; inside and out. I have never known her to be anything but "sunshine," poised, or to ever turn down a challenge. (Trust me, I feel I alone have put her through enough of those!)

This day is so well-deserved for Brittany and Sam. I know little, but enough of Sam to understand his true love for Brittany and the respect he has for his and her family. Now...for the injured part-- Sam was beginning to enjoy the beginning of his bachelor week in Costa Roca when a random accident int he water caused him to snap his collarbone immediately. Poor Sam! He is braving through this latest roadblock though! Pure joy should carry them through on Saturday-

What about these incredible images from their engagement session fromt he reknown Garrett Nudd?!? I hope to look that cute on my BEST day! :)

Garrett and Joy: What easy subjects! I can't wait to see your magic with their wedding images!

Being a part of Brittany and Sam's wedding planning has been an affecting experience that I have the highest anticipation for the actual big day and even higher expectations for their marriage--

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