Friday, February 1, 2008

Friday's Chic Style Sheet: February 1st


It's my latest event design obsession!

I have had some underlying desires about wanting to "scent" the weddings and events I produce, but adnittedly was not as experienced or informed as I would have liked.

Already slated for a wedding reception we are producing in March, I was hoping to find out first hand how this really worked.

The perfect opportunity presented itself when Rosy, creative director for Damon Tucci Photography and I were speakers at The Special Event Show in Atlanta last month. Our session touched on styling your environment amongst others, and part of styling your environment includes a lot more than the visual.

I became in touch with Scott Roeb at Scent Events regarding our session, "Pillow Talk." He was eager to help us, and what we received (in addition to lovely praise and positive feedback!) was the uplifting scent of fresh, green mango delicately balanced throughout the 1 hour presentation. Maybe Scott will hook me up at home?!? :)

I encourage you to consider this as a design element to your wedding! It is another "layer" to your design that can truly make your fete as disticnt at you are.

Scentevents offers you a fun, environmentally safe and easy to use system to bring that special scent to your event. You may choose from their library of wonderful scents or they can create a custom scent for your particular need. Their variety of Scents is limited only by your imagination.

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