Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday's Chic Style Sheet: April 11, 2008

Wedding Stationery, Jewelry and Favors...oh my!

I have been a huge fan of The White Aisle for some years now, and have referred many clients to this on line source.

This morning, Nancy (our Sarasota diva) asked for a reminder on the website address for a client she has out there and, admittedly, I had not been on their site for several months.

How enlightening! A new website re-vamp, gorgeous new additions to their already luxe line, a new move at the end of this month and a fun blog to follow and a link on their website which delivers a strong message to this wedding planner...

The Sokoloff's who brilliantly started this company not only have the primary characteristic for maintaining a thriving business which is PASSION for their work, but they give back.

The White Aisle website not only has a diverse inventory for you to peruse, but the "About Us" story touched me along with the links to the various organizations and charities that anyone can consider. Rebecca and Dade: you have inspired me!

Thank you! Thank you for your passion, your personal pursuit of excellence, your style and for giving back... Now, that's style!

I will be following your progress, continue to sing your praises and emulate your fine example-

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